November 19, 2012

Grateful For My Life

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Every moment when I open my eyes, buss stench of wind which fill my small room and feel my skin touch many thing in everywhere.

Every moment on weekends when I can meet and spend my time with my mommy, my young brothers. I am so miss them, they are my everything, spirit and the reason why I must try hard and do the best for my future.

Every moment which I can spend with my boyfriend.. I love the moment which I spend with him, can make me so happy and feel I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Every moment on weekdays when I feel tired for my jobs, the accolades and feelings of  "I'm genious" (LOL) and the days of feeling like a failure. The confusion of the jobs, un- satisfaction and the walking away. I am so grateful for it cause I know I still have jobs and salary.

Every moment when I can make a cake, cooking some simple cuisine on weekends.. I know many failure when I make it but thanks to my family cause they always eat it and say “NOT BAD”

Every moment with the fake friends, the real friends and real enemies. The moments of laughter, the moments of gossip and advise with them. The prayers we said for each other and sometime we can fight each other and give forgiveness.

Every moment when I feel so bad, disappointed, angry with someone and sometimes I cry for that feeling. The silence, the arguments, the shouts and the days after. The pain of heart break and the despair of loving and losing.. But I know that is the process to make me stronger than before and God wants to make me get next level for my life.

Every moment when I know I made the wrong way cause I will more beware.

Every moment when I go to the doctor cause I reliaze health is very valuable and I must keep my body and mind so I will not sick.

I say a very huge "THANK YOU" to My Saviour. He's been amazing.. Thanks for the past, the present and the future which you make it all to me.. Every moment is so great Lord... and I know You will always in my side... No word can enough to describe my Grateful to You, Lord.. Thanks Lord, I Love Jesus more Than anything.


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