December 3, 2012

The Best Present in Christmast

What do you imagine if you hear word “December” ?

“The last Month”


Maybe “New Year Eve” or “Present”

or something else

Whatever your answer, I believe “December” is the months of memorable for you and today I want to share about a very memorable evening after Christmas celebration closed. I will never forget that night.

Curious ....? Check this out ...

I was born in a small family of different religious and culture, so we don't have a special culture. My father and my old brother different beliefs with me, my mom and my young brothers, but we really appreciate the difference.

Every religious celebrations such as Christmas or the religion's my father and my old brother, there is nothing so special celebration in our family if compared with other families of the same religion.

If someone ask me"Do you get present in this Christmas?"


"Where do you go for this Christmas?"

I never could answer it, because my family never do something special for celebrate it.

But when I was in junior high school my father didn't come home for a few months because my parent was fighting for some cause.

I had a habit of praying in secret while pretending to sleep but I had left that habit behind me cause I know that is bad behaviour, we should be polite when we meet God.

ter I celebrated Cristmas in local church, I want to go to sleep and as usually I did my habit before sleep and give a simple pray, I said "I miss my father and I want he come home this night"

When I was still pretending to sleep someone knocked the door of my house and called "ma .. ma .. " I am so suprised cause his voice is similar and I know he is my father, he came back to our home. I am so grateful and never imagine Lord answer my pray in an hours.

What a wonderfull present which Lord gave to me!

The best present from my Lord....

Berdoalah seperti anak kecil yang polos dan tulus tanpa bertanya kapankah Tuhan akan mengabulkan doamu karena percayalah Tuhan tahu waktu yang terbaik untuk menjawab setiap doa entah itu sehari, seminggu, sebulan bahkan beberapa tahun kemudian hanya tetaplah setia lakukanlah bagianmu yaitu tetap percaya dan berusaha” 

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